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© 2012 ILNART - Israel Naive Art Assocation

Yizhak Marcus  - Israel

Yizhak Marcus Biography:

I am a professor emeritus of chemistry at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, still active in research. I have been painting for the last 8 years in a figurative, partly naive and partly surrealistic styles. The paintings tend to tell a story, often with humor.

First  exhibition was in: Jerusalem 2007
Last Single exhibitions:

Botanic Garden, Jerusalem (2010);

Irgun Yotzei Merkaz Europa (Jerusalem branch) (2011/2012);

Kastra Gallery, ICU, Haifa (2012)
 Last Group exhibitions

Belgium House, HU, Jerusalem (2007);

Maison Francais, HU, Jerusalem (2011);

Festival d'Art Naif, Katowitz, Poland (2012).


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