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Raphael Abecassis Biography:

Lives and works at Nataniya & Zefat.

Raphael Abecassis was born in Marrakesh in 1953 and when he Was three years old his family came to live in Israel In 1988 he was awarded the Ministry of Education`s special Artists` scholarship.


Over the years , Abecassis has presented his work in numerous Exhibitions in Israel as well as overseas. He has won the annual award for design of the Israel Independence Day Poster three times, in 1986, 1991 and 2004 His work is characterized by its unique colorful boldness Attended by a certain calming effect - a colorful brightness That bonds with the soul.

The paintings reveal an inherent connection between the upper And the lower universe, a clear union between the cascading Colors without creating any borders between the upper and the Lower, blending all: ladders, water above and below, clouds of Honor, angels, Jewish motifs from the Temple, colored ribbons Hovering above and then joining – suggestive of Tefilin strips.

Wandering Jew plant motifs reminiscent of the Wandering Jew From the earth to exalted heights and everything in Accordance with man`s wishes and the higher authority.

The paintings are painted on special paper with water colors And gouache in a unique combination devised bythe artist.
Over the last decade the master Judaica artist, Raphael Abecassis, in conjunction with the publisher Yesod Olam Jerusalem and the Ministry of Defense have published the "Illuminated Judaica Library" - holy books that are adorned with professional and beautiful illustrations.

Raphael Abecassis - רפאל אבקסיס

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