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© 2012 ILNART - Israel Naive Art Assocation

Hayuta Marcus Wasserman - Israel

Hayuta Marcus Wasserman  Biography:

In Gemara "Hayuta" - Vitality / Live

So my works vivid color and joy that penetrates every heart.
Works adorn and illuminate wherever they appear. I create little people, and large, sitting on benches and playing various instruments, Hmniatorot combine spectacular glass and beads. There are a miniature of professionals such as a doctor, a lawyer, a tennis player, and more.
I creates stained glass, lamps, plates, menorahs and Judaica spectacular. The whole family works commission preparing and developing ideas. With my right hand without it people would still stand. Home debut on developing ideas and creating beautiful wood beads. Their learning stages.

I was born in a very creative family and have always dealt handicrafts.
Before I was exposed glass area about seven years ago, I took a half a year and I work on'' College Werzberger'' all art glass, stained glass, fusing, Fatibra beads, Burner, and Amusements lead. I learned how to make cold material (glass) works warm and happy.

After graduating and enthusiasm I brought home my husband works led to the glass started to create the spectacular Tiffany lampshades.
The highlight of my works are custom menorahs each family by family hobby.
My special menorahs reached all corners of the world.
Some of her works have been developed following a request of customers ordering personal items

I appeared in a number of Gedera Museum.
In December 2010 created a menorah for the celebration 126 colony Gedera, where I combined all the images that tell the various immigrants including the t Ethiopians. Menorah won.



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