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Leora Benkel - ליאורה בנקל

Leora Benkel Biography:


Leora resident of Moshav Bazra, paints for over 30 years. Colorful paintings, which have unique and imaginative combination always vividly characterized and a direct emanation from the depths of the magical world and the little children of Leora. Her art was also characterized by Liora' s original variety of materials and techniques, an autodidact who never studied drawing.  The artist managed over the years to create masses of cohesive style drawings and handwritten personal characteristic.

Liora exhibits in notable exhibitions, including the Bible Museum, Theater Givatayim and Castra Art Center in Haifa and group exhibitions throughout the country.
Her work has also been presented in France and Slovenia
Her works are in private collections worldwide.

Chairman of the Painters and Sculptors Association of Village
A member of the painters and sculptors of the Holon
A member of the Painters and Sculptors of Givatayim and Ramat Gan
A member of the Friends of the Bible Museum in Tel Aviv

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