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Etti Lori - אתי לורי

Etti Lori Biography:


Born in Jerusalem, Graduate School of Arts Slisberg, married with three children.
With her ​​retirement early retirement from where she worked most of her life turned most of the time and resources investment and action on accompanying her early childhood - painting.
Today volunteer   in MLM Stern Community Center in Kiryat Yovel - teaching art and painting during this period Circle students exhibited three different exhibitions.
In addition to preparing and builds sets for various ceremonies in accordance with orders received.  The painting is an important part of life and most significantly influenced by her love for painting from nature - landscapes of our country, scenic sandts. Nature also has a special love for the arrears of all kinds.

Solo Exhibitions:

Her first solo exhibition, gallery  "Antiah" which in a woman, Lori Aklktika shows  the works. Landscapes and portraits alongside sensual flower paintings. Here she revealed  miniatures made ​​confident movement.

Group Exhibitions:
Twice in  Pandora's bow and Pandora 2.
The third exhibition "Shape and Color", which took part was held at the French House Hebrew University, Jerusalem.


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