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Pinkhas  - France

Pinkhas Biography:



 Born in 1975, Pinkhas is a young self-taught painter.  Its original route for the least unusual, combines MD with a parallel formation of Drama (Florent Course, Academy Oscar Sisto, Atelier Pierre Spivakoff).  However, since childhood, he indulges in a pictorial activity with a strong interest in drawing and painting.  With the discovery of the Masters of the School of Paris painting as his vocation was born.  Pinkhasvoue boundless admiration of Chagall, Soutine and Modigliani.  He painted his first canvas in 2005.  His style is decidedly expressionist, his paintings are rich in color and generous.   "..... his characters childish, playful and shy us into a warm and festive throne where often a female presence that is reminiscent of the ubiquitous relation to maternity and protective ..." (Source


Paris, Monaco, Tel-Aviv, Jerusalem, London, Madrid

Private collections:

France, Isreal, Belgium, England, Germany, USA, Denmark, Canada, Lebanon, Spain

Auctions in France, Belgium, Israel


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