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© 2012 ILNART - Israel Naive Art Assocation

Malka Tsentsiper - מלכה צנציפר 

Malka Tsentsiper Biography:


The main characters of my paintings are not really heroes. They are life-loving eccentrics, who don't quite fit the established order. They fly to the skies, they disappear into each other – they are governed only by the storms of their feelings, where attraction of love and friendship is definitely stronger than the gravity. The reality often changes faces, the moments of love and everyday life become a mystic scene: and behold - where a moment ago we saw our contemporaries, now we see their grandmothers and grandfathers. And indeed, each generation re-evaluates the same values, holds the same beliefs and the same doubts – it always was and will always remain.

Group Exhibitions
2012 "The 5th International Naïf Art Festival", Galeria Szyb Wilson, Katowice, Poland

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