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Simone De Knecht -The Netherlands

Simone De Knecht  Biography:

I am an Artist 24 hours a day. I'm really fascinated by the beauty of Architecture (work of man) combined with Nature (work of God). The canvas  filled from top to bottom is reminiscent of a stained-glass-window through which the visitor is lured into an imaginative world. You have to read my work like a book, sticked with the nose on it to discover every single detail. I won several prices home and abroad like the Award “Best of category of Cityscapes” in Florida 2012. Other activities: Juried and curatorial activities and teaching ART.

First  exhibition was in: a single exhibition Rotterdam as 1rst Place Winner.

CV - Last 5 Single exhibitions:

  – St Laurens Cathedral Rotterdam 2007

– City Information Center Rotterdam 2009

– Ronald McDonald House Rotterdam 2012

– Art Center Zuid-Holland 2012

– Invitation for New Art Center NYC 2013.

CV - Last 5 Group exhibitions:

- Amsterdam Whitney Gallery New York 2009

– Souther n Nevada Museum Las Vegas USA 2011

– Marzia Frozen Gallery Berlin 2011

–  Artists Haven Gallery Florida USA 2012

– Annual Art Fair Amsterdam 2012

– BCM Artgallery Barcelona 2013
Besides I took part of the Florence Biennale in 2007.


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