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© 2012 ILNART - Israel Naive Art Assocation

Sara Peled Biography:

Using humor and exaggeration, Sara Peled drawings tear the facade off daily life, exposing the true self underneath. She tries to capture unique moments and motifs from a careful examination of the local culture and society.

The viewer is transported into a colorful, fictional and often absurd situation reflecting our human fragilties.
Sara attempt to capture and express her own empathy and love for us, human beings, with all our values and weaknesses.

Another area of art in which Sara is active is Digital Art. Here she uses the media to reflect the cultural dialogue in Israel, specifically the one concerning the arabic women.

Latest Group Participating in Naive Art Exhibitions:

Szyb Wilson Gallery - 5 the Naive Art Festival, Katowice, Poland 2012

Gutman Art - The Naive Of Israel, Berlin,2012


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