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Philippe Seutin - Belguim

Philippe Seutin Biography:


Philippe was discovered incidentally on a flea market while he wanted to give up painting.

He knew nothing of Naive Art!
After  that he confirmed his membership in art, 

The press, critics and audiences have decided his fate inevitable and rewarding at the same time.
Today, 25 years of paintings, more than 500 paintings were exhibited throughout Europe through a sixty exhibitions.
And that he wanted to give up painting!

CV exhibitions


Copenhagen: Centennial Rousseau (2011)
Auvers-s-Oise: Daubigny Museum (2011)
Ottmarsheim (Alsace) Biennial of Naïve Art (2011)
Verneuil-s-Avre festival (2012)
Liège: Chiaroscuro Gallery 2012)


Binche (B) cited admninistrative (2010)
Namur (B) The Meridian Gallery (2010)
Brussels Museum of Spontaneous Art (2010)
St-Ghislain (2012) Gallery Ockeghem
Wavre (2012) Art Gallery Space 14th.

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