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© 2012 ILNART - Israel Naive Art Assocation

Noemi Eshet Rosenzweig - Israel

Noemi Eshet Biography:

Noemi Eshet-Rosenzweig, an architect, artist and curator, was born in Tel-Aviv, Israel. Noemi paints since her early childhood. As a child he was exposed to art: by watching her mother painting, visiting art exhibitions and browsing the many art books at home. Her favourite childhood painters were Henri Rousseau, Marc Chagall, Botticelli and Van Gogh, Nahum Guttman and Reuven Rubin. She was inspired by the Sinai desert during her 2 years of Military service in IDF. Her painting express motifs from the bible, israeli landscape and Urban Landscape - the international style buildings of Tel Aviv, (“Bauhaus style”), etc. She is a member of ILNart - Israel Naive Art Association. Noemi is an architect who has made her 1st degree in architecture and town planning and 2nd degree in Architecture - specialization in preservation of historic buildings and sites in the Technion, Haifa. She is a member of SPIHS - the society of Preservation of Israel Heritage Sites, in the Tel-Aviv preservation committee, and ICOMOS - International Council of monuments and sites. Her 1st solo art exhibition took place after she finished her Military service, in the Ramat-Gan Museum. Since then she participated in many art exhibitions in Israel and Europe.



5th Fetstival of International Naive Art, Katowitc, Poland, 2012

Curator & Co-producer  of  the 1th Naive Light over Jersulem International  Naive Art Festival Dec, 2012

Jewish naive light, Cinematheque, Jerusalem 2012

Jewish Contemporary Light, Cinematheque, Jerusalem, israel 2013

Altamira Sanat Galerisi, Mersin, Turkey 2014

Dorit Gur art Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel 2014

Imagination 2014, Tel-Aviv, Israel 2014

BCM art Gallery, 2nd Naive Art exhibition, Barcelona, Spain 2014

7th Fetstival of International Naive Art, Katowice, Poland, 2014

Transitions, The Green House art gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel 2014 

Imagination 2015, Tel-Aviv, Israel 2015

BCM art Gallery, 3rd Naive Art exhibition, Barcelona, Spain 2015

8th Fetstival of International Naive Art, Katowice, Poland, 2015

I SALÓN INTERNACIONAL “MUNDOS INGENUOS” DE ARTE NAIF, Galería de arte Naïf Alejandro Pinzón, Bogota, Columbia,2015


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