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Nitza Negari Mandel - Israel

 Nitza Negari Mandel  Biography:

Nitza Mandel born in Iran. She has B.A- Social Sciences & Diploma in Education and Teaching Bar Ilan University, Ramat Gan, Israel 

Diploma in Interior Design Technion, shenkar Israel.

Studied Drawing at Betzalel Academy, Jerusalem, Israel (1982)

Apprenticeship in Acrylic Painting at Bet Rubinstein Museum Tel aviv (1987)
Later she practiced under the instruction of the artist " Batia Duzbinsky, Givatayim, Israel (1991 -1998) and specialized in realism.

Today Nitza Mandel masters in variety of techniques, including Acrylic Pastels, and Chalk. During the last year, she  started with  Naïve painting too.

Vast experience in various painting and art work for the last 30 years.
Nitza's art work is realistic on the verge of hyper realistic. Replication of far away scenes of nature as if they are taken from books or movies, houses and homes with red top/roofs. Scenes are lingering within the green woods lakes landscape. these views reflects serenity and tranquility interrupted only by the migrating  birds.
The artist makes use of the reflections that emerges from the smooth lakes water using the shades and shadows  to depict and emphasis the mirror images emanating from the lake.  Also adding to her paintings the silvery clouds in the blue sky to add a poetic mood.



2012:   "The 5th International Naïf Art Festival", Galeria Szyb Wilson, Katowice, Polan - Group  eXhibition      
2008:   Blue bird Petach Tikva – Sculptures, Group exhibition

2007:   Hichal Hatarboot Petach Tikva – Sculptures, Solo exhibition

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