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© 2012 ILNART - Israel Naive Art Assocation

Liora Wisseman - Israel

Liora Waisseman Biography:

An art teacher at "Alumim" elementary school in Holon.

Born: 1952.

Study  Academic art at "The Hebrew University Of Jerusalem"

Nature Conservation and Environment are the highest value and leads to all my work. That is why all my sculptures are made ​​of papier-mâché  with an emphasis on recycling and green art.

Group exhibition:

2001  Holon "Association of Painters" - sketch nude model.

Sculptures Group exhibition:

2004   "The Israeli Type at the cactus garden",Holon.

2005  "Paper  Orchestra",  Holon theater.
2005  "Paper  Orchestra", Jaffa Conservatory.
2006  "Magical Doll", The International Puppet Festival, Haifa.
2007    "Butterflies" at the cactus  garden, Holon.
2008   "Thorns" at the cactus  garden, Holon.
2010 "Animals" at the cactus  garden, Holon.

2009-2012 – An active teacher in "Purim carnival"                     "Adloyada" in Holon.


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