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Danguole Jokubaitiene - Lithuania

Danguole Jokubaitiene  Biography:


All my life I am traveling by the road which leads to the world of colors: art studio (in1979), designer jobs in advertisiment, interior and Children‘s Art Studio instructor.
My colors world is from a dream, imagination, sunny childhood country.
Since 1988 I participate in group exhibitions, I have organized more than 15 authorship exhibitions with my paintings and postcards in USA and Lithuania. I am the member of groups online in over 500 art galleries.
My paintings are purchased by private art collectors from USA, Australia, England, Germany, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Russia, Poland, Lithuania.

First exhibition was in Taurage in 1988.
Last 5 Single exhibitions were in 1996,  in 2003, in 2005, in 2008 in Taurage (Lithuania) and in 2004 was in Sovetsk (Russia).
Last 5 Group exhibitions were in Arka’s Art gallery in Vilnius (Lithuania), in 2012,  in private Art gallery in Taurage (Lithuania), in 2012 , in New Haven, Woterbury, Hartford, New Britain, Trumbull (USA) in  2002 m.


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