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Cristina de la Hoz - Spain

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Cristina de la Hoz Biography:

My inclination to the arts began in my early teens. My career did not go for the art world but this was part of my daily life, self-taught exercise it in my spare time. Although I have played different styles such as impressionism and expressionism, for years my work in the center naïve shaping form a great freshness, color and intimacy in my romantic and bucolic city scapes and countryside.

First exposure on:
"Open Classroom" - Santander, Cantabria, Spain (September 2007)

CV - Last 5 exhibitions Individuals
"Open Classroom" - Santander, Cantabria, Spain (September 2007)
"Open Classroom" - Santander, Cantabria, Spain (August 2009)
Valle-Inclan Cultural Center, Madrid, Spain (September 2010)
"Open Classroom", Santander, Cantabria, Spain (June-July 2011)

CV - Last 5 Exhibitions:
-4 º Festival of Naive Art in Katowice, Poland (June - July-August 2011)
-1 º Living in Alsace "Recontre de l'Art Naïve" Ottmarsheim, France (October 2011)
Editing SIAN-XI-The International Naive Art, Bucharest, Romania (December 2011) and in Jassy, Romania (January 2012)
- "Once upon a time ... Five painters Naïve". Alpedrete Cultural Center, Madrid, Spain (April 2012)
-5 º Festival of Naive Art in Katowice, Poland (June-July-August, 2012)