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Anna Tengli-Truchel - Poland

Anna Tengli-Truchel Biography:


Born in 1967 in Warsaw, started painting in 1987. Works have been bought by the Ethnographic Museum in Warsaw and also for private collections in Poland, England, France, Germany, Italy, Canada and the USA.


First  exhibition was in: 1990

CV - Last   Single exhibitions:
2012 Tower Gallery st. Anna Church, Wilanow, Warsaw
2005 Blue Cabinet Gallery, Warsaw, Poland
2000 Ligota Culture Club Gallery, Katowice, Poland   
CV - Last 5 Group exhibitions:
2012 -  V  Art Naïve Festival, Katowice, Poland  

2012 -  IV Biennale d’Art Naif, Montivillliers, France

2011/2012   “Not lost Avalon” exhibition, Silesian Museum, Katowice, Poland 

2011   - IV Art Naïve Festival, Katowice, Poland 

2010  - “Centaire Henri Rousseau” exhibition, Copenhagen, Denmark

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