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Anna Ganelin - Israel

Anna Ganelin Biography:


Born in Moscow (1978). Immigrated to Israel in 1991.Currently resides in Jerusalem.

Studied art and art history from the age of 5 in private schools in Moscow and Israel (included Dalya's Meshulam art-studio in Jaffa).  From 2007 works with her father in art-studio at Old Jaffa Simtat Mazal Taleh.

Graduated from Tel Aviv University and ULB University (Brussels).

From 2008 participates in group exhibitions and art festivals in Israel and abroad.


2012 "The 5th International Naïf Art Festival", Galeria Szyb Wilson, Katowice, Poland

Artist's statement:

Being a painter isn't just being a hard working craftsman and an artist but also a bit of a creator. By taking scenes from our world and transforming them to art, an artist changes a reality as he sees it. If it's only by adding different colours, dots instead of stones or making just a few touches of his brush, the painter creates his own universe, where he and only he has absolute power. Moving a building or placing palms where I see them, allows me to give a viewer a glimpse inside my artistic soul and making it visible to others - surprising not only them but often myself. I'm also just a viewer of my own creation.

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