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Ana Viorica Farkas - Romania

Ana Viorca Farkas Biography:


Date of Birth: 02/27/1950, 


1993 - Eotvos Lorandh Academy, Budapest, Hungary - Post Grad Studies in Mathematics
1975 - University of the West, Timisoara, Romania - Bachelor of Science in Mathematics
1969 - Graduated at CD Loga High School, Timisoara, Romania
Art Studies:
1960-1969 Studied Painting at studio of Falusy Zoltan
2007-2008 Naïve Painting Studies with painter Gustav Hlinka

Painting Exhibits:
1. 03/29/2008, Bacau, Romania, 'Spring naïve Art Exhibit'
2. 04/11/2008, Iasi, Romania, 'Moldova's Naive Art Exhibit'
3. 06/08/2008, Resita, Romania, 'European Sky' Art Exhibit
4. 08/07/2008, Pitesti, Romania, Germans from Resita Art Exhibit
5. 10/08/2008, Pitesti, Romania, National naïve Art Exhibit.
6. 2008 Bucharest, Naive Art Exhibit “Christmas and New Year in contemporary naive art” 

7. 2009 Bacău Collective Exhibit at 'Spring Naive Art Exhibit' editia XVIII 

8. 2009 Iasi, Collective Exhibit at national Art Exhibit “Saloanele Moldovei”-XVII

9. 2009 Stuttgard DE, Group Exhibit

10. 2009 Resita, Collective Exhibit at 'German Culture Club'

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