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Alesssandra Placucci - Italy

Alessandra Placucci 

Painter and illustrator,  lives in Cesena, Italy.

She participated in numerous exhibitions, encountering the public and critic's favour .
Her paintings main characteristic is the presence of small characters moving around merrily in a flurry of colours, among butterflies and soap bubbles, umbrellas and balloons.
Many, rascal, tiny, funny, her children play sliding on the rainbow or fly tied to a balloon.
Alessandra's artwork is often selected to advertise summits and meetings on childhood's topics.

First  exhibition was in: Italy

CV - Last 5 Single exhibitions

2001 - 2005 - 2008 – 2009 (Italy) 2011(Switzerland)

CV - Last 5 Group exhibitions:

IX Mostra d'Arte Naif Europea - Madrid - Spagna 

IV Salone Europeo d'Arte Naif - Marmande - Francia 
5° Festival Mondiale d'Arte Naif - Katowice - Polonia  
42°Edizione premio Internazionale Pittura Naif - Varenna (Italia)  
4° Esposizione internazionale di Arte Naif - Allarts Gallery-Lisbona e Cascais-Portogallo

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